Precision positioning, at the tip of your tools

BrightMatter™ Drive offers exceptional accuracy when delivering the optical component where and when the surgeon needs it. This highly maneuverable surgical scope solution possesses a small footprint and a range of positioning options to support a variety of surgical environments.

Control, including component positioning, is accomplished with the foot pedal, leaving the surgeon’s hands free. The system has multiple optical component options, and boasts the integrated OverView Camera that enables a global view of the surgical field.

Increase surgical efficiency by utilizing automatic alignment of optical components

Gain more control by aligning camera to the surgical tool’s tip, axis or rotation

Choose from a wide range of positioning options to support a variety of surgical environments

Use the OverView Camera to enable a global view of the surgical field

Increase productivity with its touchscreen interface, integrated optical tracking system and minimal set-up time

Dynamically teach Drive viewing positions and recall them throughout a procedure

Reverse and repeat arm movements to maintain a seamless workflow

Increase surgical efficiency by utilizing automatic alignment of optical components

System Specifics

  • Footprint is approximately 800 mm x 700 mm
  • Compatible with multiple tools including multiple lengths of corridor based surgical tools and the Synaptive Pointer Tool
  • Fully mobile system is easily transferable between rooms
  • Can be plugged into a standard power outlet
  • Ability to perform both manual and automatic positioning
  • Ships with a full complement of drapes, including drapes to perform approximately 10 procedures
  • Ships with two sets of Drive instruments and tools, allowing for multiple procedures per day

Arm Capabilities

  • Can cover a volumetric area of 48.5 ft3, allowing for the ultimate flexibility in surgical positioning
  • Has a max reach of 90 cm, which allows for flexibility in surgical positioning
  • Offers a customizable home position and pose for the optical component. The pose consists of position, angle and rotation
  • Has 6 degrees of motion
  • Awareness of mechanical limitations and motion restrictions

Operational Controls

  • Touch screen and workflow driven interface
  • Built in safety options
  • Hands-free control for automatic alignment and adjustment of standoff distance using foot pedals
  • Audio confirmation of adjustment input
  • When used in conjunction with BrightMatter Guide, smart algorithms utilize both patient reference and arm reference to minimize line of sight challenges
  • Fully interfaces with Synaptive Guide
  • 4 integrated stored positions, including 2 draping positions and 2 user customizable stored arm positions

Optical Component

  • OverView Camera (model) – field of view of camera is approximately 1.45 m x 1.04 m x 0.8 m
  • Suitable for multiple optical components including Synaptive Brightmatter Vision
  • Integration of OverView Camera for simultaneous display of live video and optical component