The true-to-life training experience

BrightMatterâ„¢ Simulate is a remarkably life-like training tool that enables surgeons to practice minimally invasive neurosurgeries and those encompassing traditional craniotomies. This integrated solution consolidates the critical steps of the neurosurgical workflow, including imaging, planning, navigating and target intervention.

This product includes a brain component that has been meticulously formulated to imitate the tactile properties and response of brain matter, anatomically correct cortical surface, and a suturable dura. Simulate brains are available in a variety of configurations offering different options for intervention simulation.

Experience a life-like, anthropomorphic brain with anatomically correct cortical surface

Perform procedures on materials formulated to realistically imitate the haptic and tactile response of brain matter

View under MRI, CT and Ultrasound

Practice with targets suitable for intervention, a suturable dura and a drillable bone cap

For repeated use, replace the brain component and reuse the bowl, tray and bone cap

Perform four independent tumor resections using the Resection 750 Brain Simulator

Ablate four thermally sensitive tumor targets using the Laser Ablation Thermotherapy Brain Simulator

Use the Multi Lesion Brain Simulator to practice removing a 50mL hematoma in the Basal Ganglia and perform two independent tumor resections

Practice procedures such as external ventricular drain placement using the Resection 750 Simulator Brain with Ventricles

Simulate Kit Contents


  • 4 mounting holes (M8) for attachment of surgical accessories such as a retractor arm
  • Cleanable catchment area


  • Reference features for registration such as anatomical face and fiducial touchpoints

Brain with Dura

  • Emulates the tactile and haptic properties of brain tissue
  • Anatomical cortical surface
  • Multiple targets suitable for intervention per brain, simulating the behavior of lesions
  • Suturable dura
  • MRI/CT/Ultrasound visible
  • Store at room temperature

Skull Cap

  • Fits together with the bowl to create a light seal
  • Enables imaging in an anatomically correct position


  • Repeatable attachment points for navigation tools