Surgical imaging that feels as good as it looks

BrightMatterâ„¢ Vision incorporates the visualization power of a surgical microscope with a new benchmark in flexibility and ergonomics to provide unprecedented imaging and comfort when operating within the surgical suite. With optimized optics, this imaging solution provides incredible detail, while keeping the entire surgical view in crisp focus.

To create valuable space above the surgical field, the system’s patent pending small footprint has been designed to significantly improve access for both clinicians and instruments.

Use in conjunction with the surgical camera and light source of your choice

Utilize either its narrow field or wide field scope

See more as shadows are dramatically reduced, and light is effectively delivered down narrow corridors

Refocus less often with its high depth of field

Experience a versatile, hands-free alternative to the surgical microscope when pairing this system with our automated device positioning system

Wide Field

Narrow Field