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Mass Device Features Synaptive Partnership with General Atlantic

Mass Device Features Synaptive Partnership with General Atlantic

  • Mass Device Features Synaptive Partnership with General Atlantic

    General Atlantic gets in on Synaptive Medical

    “Synaptive Medical said today that growth equity firm General Atlantic has made a strategic investment of an undisclosed amount in the company.

    The Toronto-based medical device company said the investment from General Atlantic will help accelerate commercialization of the company’s current products, including its BrightMatter Guide brain imager.

    “The healthcare industry is shifting toward an integrated delivery model that treats the whole patient from the diagnosis to surgery and beyond. Efficient medical imaging, combined with timely and effective care, is a critical driver of that change. Synaptive is developing novel imaging solutions that will help improve clinical outcomes for patients in partnership with the people and institutions that care for them. Partnering with an outstanding investor such as General Atlantic demonstrates our commitment to long-term growth. We look forward to leveraging GA’s deep healthcare expertise and strong track record backing high-growth companies,” Synaptive Medical prez Cameron Piron said in a press release.

    The BrightMatter Guide provides 3D visuals of the brain in the operating room, which help guide surgeons as they pursue neurological procedures, Synaptive Medical said. During surgery, the images are placed over an anatomical scan, offering a way to visualize the inside of the brain.

    “I am pleased about the partnership between Synaptive Medical and growth equity firm General Atlantic. It will help Ontario-based Synaptive continue its rapid growth and provide better outcomes for patients. It is strategic collaborations such as this one that are helping drive Ontario’s knowledge-based economy,” Ontario Minister of research, innovation and science Reza Moridi said in a prepared statement.”

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