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MedTech Strategist Profiles Synaptive

MedTech Strategist Profiles Synaptive

  • MedTech Strategist Profiles Synaptive

    “Synaptive Medical, a young company out of Toronto, Canada, has achieved some impressive milestones in a short period of time,” wrote The MedTech Strategist in a Synaptive company profile, which was posted January 31, 2017.

    “Over the course of only four years, the company has grown from six to over 300 employees, created a multifaceted and integrated capital equipment and information platform for neurosurgery, and installed its system at more than 20 prestigious medical institutions.”

    “In the process, it has attracted a young team of talented engineers and software experts in the mold of Silicon Valley, as well as an executive management team steeped in medtech, which all coalesced around the vision of company co-founder and CEO Cameron Piron, who colleagues say is an unusually selfless leader.”

    The article quotes David Caluori, a principal at the global equity firm General Atlantic: “The quality of the team that has grown around Cameron is impressive. These are really seasoned executives in operations, sales, financing, and on the Board.”

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