BrightMatter™ Guide

Obtain simple, accurate surgical navigation incorporating dynamic tractography

BrightMatter™ Guide tracks your instruments and dynamically represents intersecting white matter tracts in real time. With this powerful intraoperative application of available data, you can accurately execute your planned approach and potentially avoid damage to tracts associated with key brain functions.

  • Dynamically represents white matter tracts
    Represents tractography dynamically during surgical navigation
  • Includes integrated tools and instrument-specific workflows
    Workflows integrate and provide first-class software support for tracked surgical tools, including tubular retractors for port-based procedures
  • Achieves accuracy through streamlined workflow
    Streamlined workflow makes possible the highest standards of accuracy throughout every step of the procedure
  • Extends the benefits of Plan
    Uses all available data elements from BrightMatter™ Plan for navigation in the operating room
  • Accurately tracks intraoperative instruments
    Instrument position and trajectory are accurately tracked and displayed in real time
  • Facilitates easy registration
    Standard or Surface Trace registration options are available intraoperatively

“By the use of an integrated planning and navigation system, the same DTI images generated as a result of the planning phase can be observed and fine-tuned in real time in the operating theatre.”

Jennings et al., Op Neurosurg 2017