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StartUp HERE Toronto features Synaptive Medical

StartUp HERE Toronto features Synaptive Medical

  • StartUp HERE Toronto features Synaptive Medical

    Cameron Piron, president and co-founder of Synaptive Medical, was featured in an article by StartUp HERE Toronto. The article, titled “Synaptive Medical Creates GPS-Like Suite of Tools for Neurosurgeons,” was published on August 22, 2017. It discusses Piron’s experience leading medical device and technology companies in Toronto’s growing start-up ecosystem, and his perspective on the importance of supporting scale-up companies as they exit the start-up phase.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Over the past five years [Synaptive] has grown to more than 350 employees and boosted its offerings to a suite of eight products, most of which are under the BrightMatter™ moniker. Piron compares it to a GPS system where surgeons can plan out their path for the surgery then execute, following the visualization in real-time using robotics.

    “We have over 30 sites out there all around the world,” Piron says. “We’ve been bringing the individual products to market and now we’re very focused on integrating these into a single system to find their efficiencies and opportunities to deliver better medical care.”

    StartUp HERE Toronto is a collaborative economic development initiative launched to support the growing startup and innovation community in Toronto. They connect entrepreneurs to programs, resources and events to help start, grow and scale their business in Toronto.

    Read the full article here.