Synaptive Medical Presents Data Supporting Use of its Point-of-Care Magnetic Resonance and Medical Imaging Technologies at the 27th International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition

  • Key Presentation Includes Data on Mid-Field Imaging System at 0.5T Using High-Performance System Components
  • Multiple Abstracts Support Integration of Synaptive’s Software Platform for Reducing Overhead in Medical Imaging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research 

Toronto [May 9, 2019] – Synaptive Medical, a global pioneer in automated surgical planning and robotics, today announced the Company is presenting 10 abstracts at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s (ISMRM) 27th Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Montréal, QC, Canada from May 11 – 16. Located at Booth #302, the company will present research on its latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) solutions and web-based medical imaging research and data management platform, ImageDrive™. 

Key highlights of Synaptive’s abstract presentations include the following: 

  • MRI Solutions:
    • Potential clinical applications and research innovations designed to extend MRI’s valuable role across the health continuum. 
    • The value of point-of-care (POC) capabilities and pioneering MRI techniques that will help accelerate collaborative research and commercialization efforts. 
  • ImageDrive:
    • Analysis of the company’s web-based medical imaging research platform, ImageDrive, for the application of a medical imaging artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) research study with the goal of significantly reducing data management overhead. 

MRI Solutions 

Among the company’s key abstract presentations supporting the use of Synaptive’s POC MRI include, “Imaging at 0.5T with high-performance system components,” which outlines the benefits of implementing a mid-field magnet. Most MRI systems on the market operate at a high-field strength, but Synaptive’s data support how mid-field imaging is sufficient for high-quality images while lending its own benefits, including smaller, minimum siting areas for ease of POC diagnostics. 

Synaptive’s MRI technology is planned for release later this year in Canada under the trade name Evry™ and will be installed at the QEII Health Sciences Centre (QEII) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of a four-year study in partnership with the Nova Scotia Halifax Authority (NSHA). 

Evry works by combining a mid-field strength superconducting magnet with high-performance components, optimizing the technology for image quality and reduced image acquisition time. This is important particularly when diagnosing patients during acute decision making, such as when identifying stroke. Preliminary results examining Synaptive’s technology have shown that with these improvements, reduced specific absorption rates (SAR) and increased signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) have been demonstrated when compared to results of images generated from commercially available high-field systems. 

“This key presentation highlights Synaptive’s commitment to pioneering innovative approaches to MRI system design and data output. By marrying the benefits of mid-field imaging with state-of-the-art system components, we aim to achieve clinically relevant head MR imaging in comparable scan times to routine 1.5T imaging. This data is encouraging given that mid-field systems have been historically associated with sub-par image quality,” said Jeff A. Stainsby, MRI Scientist, Principal. 

Additional MRI Presentations 

In addition, Synaptive Medical is presenting seven abstracts underscoring the need to make MRI solutions more accessible and safer, thereby supporting the value of MRI. For more information on these abstracts, visit 


Synaptive will also present two additional key presentations highlighting the benefits of its ImageDrive technology, titled, “A Web-Based Data Management and Processing System to Support the Prevention of Vascular Dementia,” and “A Web-Based Data Management System as a Collaborative Imaging Research Platform.” 

Synaptive’s ImageDrive software provides a platform for automated, efficient research data management for imaging and non-imaging data. With tools focused on automated de-identification, data organization and extensibility to create custom automated pipelines, ImageDrive may greatly reduce the overhead for medical imaging researchers. 

“To achieve efficiency in medical imaging research, it is critical that data is properly organized and requires minimal user management, such as data de-identification, as these processes can become cumbersome. With the introduction of AI/ML as a research tool throughout the research community, the ability to provide superior data management has increased dramatically,” said Cameron Piron, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Synaptive. “At Synaptive, our vision remains focused on transforming how neurological and orthopedic care are delivered by providing medical professionals with the highest quality imaging, robotics, informatics, surgical navigation and planning products available. The data presented during this year’s ISMRM meeting further extends this vision as we endeavor to provide medical professionals and patients with optimal, point-of-care imaging and information systems.” 

About Synaptive Medical 

Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical device and technology company, designs hardware and software technologies that cross traditional barriers in hospitals and improve patient care in and beyond the operating room. Synaptive’s Modus V™ and integrated BrightMatter™ solutions—including surgical planning, navigation and visualization, and an informatics platform—give leading clinicians and healthcare systems the information they need to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. 

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