University of Waterloo’s Alumni magazine features four Synaptive engineering classmates

The University of Waterloo’s Alumni magazine interviewed Systems Design Engineering classmates and Synaptive Medical team members Cameron Piron, Josh Richmond, Kai Hynna, and Thanh Vuong about life after Waterloo and Synaptive’s success.

Here’s an excerpt:

The four of you were systems design engineering classmates here at Waterloo. How is it you all came together again at Synaptive Medical?

Cameron: Synaptive is made up of teams of teams: it’s a real network effect. We established a kinship and friendship at Waterloo that has carried over into our professional lives.

Josh: I worked at Sentinelle Medical, Cameron’s first company. It was acquired and we both left in 2012. Then he called me up to tell me about Synaptive and I jumped right in during early 2013. We were 10 people then and we’re about 300 now.

Thanh: I’ve been with Synaptive since 2013, but my first job out of undergrad was at Blackberry/RIM. I was there for 15 years and saw it grow from 200 people to 20,000. Josh reached out to me and because of the RIM downsizing, I interviewed with Synaptive. It’s cool to work with classmates to change the world. You never think it will happen, but all our paths led here.

Kai: I was looking to move on from another start-up where I had been working with another two systems graduates from our class, so the timing was perfect. Cameron brought me on board in summer of 2013.

The full UWaterloo alumni interview is available here.