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Synaptive Medical Expands Distribution of its Surgical Product Suite in Asia

Synaptive Medical Expands Distribution of its Surgical Product Suite in Asia

  • Synaptive Medical Expands Distribution of its Surgical Product Suite in Asia

    Hospitals in Thailand and Vietnam Acquire Synaptive Medical Product Suite

    Toronto, Canada, February 26, 2019– Synaptive Medical, a global pioneer in automated surgical planning and robotics, has expanded its presence in Asia by providing hospitals in Thailand and Vietnam with its BrightMatter™ and Modus V™ roduct suite, a set of neurosurgery tools designed to unite surgical planning, imaging and navigation for more integrated brain and spine surgery and potentially improved patient outcomes.

    Dr. Thanakorn and Dr. Boonchot of Phramongkutklao Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, recently completed the city’s first brain surgery using Brightmatter and Modus Vtechnologies. Additional hospitals that have acquired Synaptive’s surgical product suite include People’s Hospital 115 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    “Synaptive’s expansion into the Asian market is a testament to our vision to reinvent and make surgical and robotic technologies accessible to patients and healthcare providers around the globe,” said Peter Wehrly, CEO of Synaptive. “By introducing our BrightMatter product suite to hospitals in Thailand and Vietnam, our hope is to help create medical environments in which technology and surgeons work seamlessly together for improved patient outcomes, turning the inoperable into the operable.”

    The Synaptive BrightMatter product suite and Modus V robotic arm provide surgeons with a highly detailed imaging, navigation and robotic platform that allows them to see the patient’s brain with unprecedented detail before and during surgery. The platform uses the most advanced technologies in automation and imaging to allow surgeons to see the brain in new ways, which can potentially minimize damage to structures associated with key brain functions such as movement, speech and vision.

    Synaptive’s product suite includes:

    • Modus VTMis a fully-automated, robotically controlled digital microscope that serves to extend and enhance a neurosurgeon’s expertise and capabilities by improving visualization during surgery. 
    • BrightMatter™ Plan– The only automated tractography technology that provides analysis of the whole brain, ultimately enabling surgeons to tailor their surgical approaches for each patient.
    • BrightMatter™ Guide– A technology offering that tracks surgical instruments during surgery to help surgeons accurately execute their planned approaches. 

    Major General Nimit Samothan, Administrator for Phramongkutlao Hospital,stated, “We are delighted to provide our healthcare providers with Synaptive’s technology for pre-operative patient analysis. By introducing methods that enable physicians to identify optimal routes of surgical intervention on a per patient basis, we see the potential to achieve superior patient outcomes for patients undergoing a variety of surgical procedures.”

    About Synaptive Medical

    Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical device and technology company, designs hardware and software that cross traditional barriers in hospitals and improve patient care in and beyond the operating room. Synaptive’s Modus V™ and integrated BrightMatter™ solutions—including surgical planning, navigation and visualization, and an informatics platform—give leading clinicians and healthcare systems the information they need to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

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