Designed to maximize proficiencies and minimize risk

From pre-operative preparation to imaging within the surgical suite, Brightmatter™ neurosurgical products deliver cutting-edge technological systems to improve proficiencies, efficiencies and patient outcomes.

Assess 3D tractography to create the optimal surgical plan

Trajectory-centric BrightMatter™ Plan merges high fidelity, anatomical DTI and MR images to superimpose a road map of the brain’s fiber tractography over its topography, producing a hybrid diagram.

Convey Patient-specific tractography where you need it

BrightMatter™ Guide delivers the 3D tractographic renderings and pre-operative neurosurgical approaches created with our BrightMatter™ Plan software into the surgical suite.

Accurately position and track the optical component, hands-free

BrightMatter™ Drive combines hands-free automated positioning, superior surgical camera alignment, and high maneuverability, all with minimal OR set-up.

See the whole picture with its high depth of field

BrightMatter™ Vision integrates enhanced comfort with the ideal balance of depth of field and high-resolution imaging capabilities to deliver an optimized imaging experience within the surgical suite.

ImageDrive™ : One platform, two flexible solutions

ImageDrive™ is a web-enabled solution that integrates a patient’s digital footprint across their circle of care and addresses data management needs for both clinical workflows and clinical research.

Practice with this life-like, integrated training tool

BrightMatter™ Simulate offers an exceptionally realistic experience for practicing neurosurgeries in a single, integrated training solution.