Simplify research data management and governance

ImageDrive™ easily collects, de-identifies, organizes and shares data among research collaborators, providing a secure, web-based, adaptable platform for your research programs.

More than just a data repository, it’s a digital imaging library and a flexible, adaptable platform with a built-in, rule-based automation engine and data curation capabilities that add more value to each data element.

  • Integrates and organizes
    Connects with external applications to easily aggregate data, enabling sharing among research collaborators and secure peer review for clinical trials and research
  • Protects patient health information
    Uses customized automated de-identification tools to instantly deidentify subject data for research or clinical trials
  • Provides data tagging and advanced searching
    Customized tagging and classification systems help you find what you need faster
  • Enables collaboration and data sharing
    Controls access to data through workgroups and user privileges to protect data integrity
  • Automates tasks and permits extensibility
    Enables the automation of repetitive tasks and processing of bulk data sets through compatibility with third-party plug-ins