BrightMatter™ Simulate

Train with remarkably life-like tissue models

BrightMatter™ Simulate enables you to effectively practice and evaluate surgical approaches and workflows in an advanced simulation platform by decoupling patient risk from learning. This approach allows you to replicate clinical workflows experienced in the operating room. Remarkably life-like models that mimic the feel of living tissue include brain, vascular, bone and pathological structures. These benign, biodegradable polymeric materials can be used anywhere, without the need for specialized hospital or university training facilities.

Simulates brain tissue
Simulates the tactile properties and response of living tissue structures with an anatomically correct cortical surface

Technologically agnostic
Provides compatibility with standard instrumentation at the preference of the user such as retractors, resection tools and micro-instruments

Provides compatibility with MRI, CT and ultrasound imaging
Allows you to visualize pathologies and anatomical detail with standard radiological imaging modalities, revealing deep-seated lesions and CSF-filled ventricles

Optimized for repeat usage
Brain simulator and vessel models enable multiple independent procedures

Facilitates multiple configuration options
Variety of configurations and pathologies provides options for simulating various surgical interventions, approaches and workflows


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