Data management doesn’t have to be painful

ImageDrive™ is a web-enabled solution that integrates a patient’s digital footprint across their circle of care. ImageDrive™ gives clinicians and researchers the data they need, when they need it, to make informed decisions.

Fits your clinical workflow

ImageDrive™ Clinical effortlessly aggregates and stores data, performs quality assessments and facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration. ImageDrive™ Clinical integrates with existing platforms and BrightMatter™ devices to make creating, sharing and storing patient data effortless and secure.


  • Generates patient timelines, storyboards and lists to tell chronological, patient-centric stories
  • Facilitates easier interdisciplinary review through ability to add a wide range of imaging and nonimaging data from any point in a patient’s history


  • Reviews quality of DICOM data at point of acquisition
  • Allows for site-customizable quality control criteria
  • Provides hospital administrators with quantitative data to track process performance

Also adapts to your research workflow

ImageDrive™ Pro easily collects, de-identifies and shares data among research collaborators. ImageDrive™ Pro connects with external applications to easily aggregate data, automatically de-identify patient information and facilitate controlled, secure, peer review for clinical trials and clinical research. Workgroups allow for multiple, simultaneous studies with customized protocols.


  • Instantly de-identifies subject data for research or clinical trials
  • Easily customizes automated de-identification protocols per workgroup
  • Consistently de-identifies new studies from the same subject with historical entries


  • Offers customized tagging and classification systems help users find what they’re looking for faster
  • Controls access to data through workgroups and other features to protect data integrity
  • Includes web sharing capabilities to facilitate peer review
View a wide range of imaging and non-imaging data right in your browser