Success begins with a plan

BrightMatter™ Plan automatically generates high-fidelity, dynamic, whole-brain tractography allowing users to easily review tracts and explore multiple surgical approaches to create powerful pre-operative plans. Featuring enriched 3D data visualization tools in an intuitive, workflow driven interface, BrightMatter™ Plan simplifies the complex spatial reasoning tasks required in neurosurgery. Surgical plans, including tractography, can then be seamlessly exported for navigation in the operating room.

Automatically co-register images, execute brain segmentation and generate tractography

Merge multi-modality imaging data sets, including MR and CT

Create and examine regions of interest in three dimensions

Perform trajectory-centric planning

Fully supports corridor surgical techniques

Use interactive tools to evaluate relevant anatomy and tractography

Employ virtual tools to assess, access and establish an appropriate craniotomy during the planning stage

Export plans for use in surgical navigation systems

Access BrightMatter™ Plan and BrightMatter™ Guide from a single workstation for a streamlined user experience

Combine structural and functional DTI with anatomical MRI data

The BrightMatter™ Plan In Action

Automated Data Processing

  • Perform cortical surface segmentation
  • Generate FA, ADC, and RGB from DTI
  • Generate 3D tractography


  • Evaluate the quality of the input data
  • Review the results of data processing
  • Merge standard and functional imaging modalities into the planning process

Regions of Interest

  • Build regions from multiple imaging modalities
  • Use semi-automated tools for segmentation
  • Produce 3D volumes for use in surgical planning


  • Use real-time 3D renderings to create and evaluate plans
  • Overlay tractography and regions of interest when desired


  • Simulate the tool manipulation required during resection
  • Evaluate your necessary access and automatically estimate appropriate craniotomy dimensions


  • Export dynamic plans for surgical navigation in BrightMatter™ Guide
  • Export tractography as a volumetric snapshot in a standard data format that may be used in other systems