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Back To The Future – High Performance MRI Imaging at 0.5 Tesla

Back To The Future – High Performance MRI Imaging at 0.5 Tesla

  • MRI systems have been on a trajectory of increasing magnetic field strengths since their introduction. The field of MRI has not only seen advances towards stronger magnets but also other technological improvements such as improved gradient coils, pulse sequences, and computing. Is there value in returning to mid-field but with advanced components? Synaptive Medical will discuss their recently FDA-approved 0.5 T head-only MRI, discuss advantages in imaging at mid-field, and compare to traditional high-field MRI.

    Event coordinated by the American Society of Neuroimaging (ASN)

    The product(s) discussed in this video may not be approved for medical device use in your jurisdiction. Please contact Synaptive Medical for more information on regulatory clearance status in your jurisdiction.

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