Houston, The Eagle Has Landed: Revolutionary Brain Surgery Technology Comes To Texas

Houston Methodist Hospital, a recognized leader in advancing neuroscience research and advanced surgical techniques to achieve better outcomes, is pleased to announce they are the first hospital in Texas to acquire Synaptive Medical’s BrightMatter Surgical Solutions. This technology is defining a new era of neurosurgical intervention and supporting physicians to achieve the possible for patients who are in need of a complex neurosurgical procedure.

“With better visualization for the surgeons, this new technology will help treat and remove tumors deep inside the brain,” said Gavin Britz, M.D., chairman of neurosurgery at Houston Methodist Neurological Institute. “This technology uses patient-specific imaging which allows surgeons to plan the safest and fastest surgical route.” Dr. Gavin W. Britz leads an acclaimed team of neurosurgeons and affiliated professionals and is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost cerebrovascular, skull base and brain tumor surgeons.

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