BrightMatter™ Plan

Access tractography and enriched data with unprecedented ease

BrightMatter™ Plan automatically generates high-fidelity, dynamic, whole-brain tractography. You can easily review tracts and explore multiple surgical approaches to create powerful pre-operative plans—for every case. Use tractography, without disrupting surgical workflow, to confirm the data is concordant with your intended approach and determine whether detailed surgical planning is required. Then, effortlessly export your surgical plans for navigation in the operating room.

  • Automatically generates whole brain tractography
    Eliminates the time-consuming process historically required to generate tractography while also eliminating the variable and subjective nature of manual seeding
  • Corrects and co-registers data
    Diffusion data undergoes artifact removal, such as distortion and eddy current correction, before being merged automatically with MR and/or CT sequences
  • Generates diffusion sequences
    Generates FA, ADC and RGB sequences and automatically co-registers them to structural sequences
  • Facilitates trajectory-centric planning
    Features tool-specific workflows, including tubular retractors for port-based procedures
  • Enables synchronization across devices
    ImageDrive™ Clinical syncs plans across planning and navigation devices for seamless access
  • Exports data for use in the OR
    Surgical plan and tractography can be exported to BrightMatter™ Guide, ImageDrive™ Clinical or third-party systems
BrightMatter Plan automatically generates high-fidelity, dynamic, whole-brain tractography.

“For lesions near eloquent brain structures, automated whole brain tractography has become the standard of care at our hospital… Automated whole brain tractography is now considered for all patients at our institution who are undergoing intracerebral tumor resection, regardless of whether we suspect the lesion to be near eloquent structures or not.”

Zakaria et al., Cureus 2017