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Synaptive Acquires ClearCanvas

Synaptive Acquires ClearCanvas

  • Synaptive Acquires ClearCanvas

    Synaptive Medical, creator of leading edge neurosurgery products, has acquired intellectual property and products from ClearCanvas, a developer of innovative imaging informatics solutions. ClearCanvas’ comprehensive image storage and visualization platform has been the architectural backbone for Synaptive Medical’s BrightMatter™ suite of products, including BrightMatter™ Plan, which offers unprecedented visualization of 3D tractography in the brain, allowing the neurosurgeon to establish a minimally disruptive surgical pathway.

    “We bought ClearCanvas because their innovative and extensible medical imaging platforms already form the basis of a number of Synaptive products. It makes strategic sense to bring such an essential component of our products in-house, with the added benefit of significantly augmenting our team with ClearCanvas’ pool of talent and expertise.” says Cameron Piron, president of Synaptive.

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