Synaptive Medical Completes First Installation of Revolutionary Brain Surgery Technology at Mount Sinai Health System

BrightMatter™ technology provides precision in neurosurgical visualization and planning, surgical navigation and optics integration

New York, New York (September 20, 2016) — Synaptive Medical, a medical device company relentlessly pursuing connections to transform the process of care, has successfully installed their BrightMatter™ technology at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. Mount Sinai, ranked #12 in the country by U.S. News & World Report for its neurology and neurosurgery program, is the first hospital in the New York Metropolitan area to acquire this revolutionary technology.

BrightMatter provides neurosurgeons with the latest advancements in visualization for complex brain surgery, adding automated whole brain tractography to planning capabilities. Using an imaging method called diffusion tensor imaging, or DTI, BrightMatter enhances MRI images of the entire brain’s pathways, allowing physicians to consider approaches for navigating around critical structures in neurological surgery.

Synaptive’s integrated imaging and navigation systems allow physicians to see details that can’t be seen with the naked eye or a standard MRI, and may allow access to brain locations previously deemed inoperable. The automatic positioning system with an attached camera follows the physician’s tools, showing an image of the patient’s anatomy with unprecedented detail. This robotic arm includes a hands-free optical visualization system that allows for better surgical ergonomics, facilitates collaboration with operating room staff, and consumes less surgical time without the need to manipulate cumbersome optics.

“Synaptive Medical’s culture is deeply rooted in connecting with neurosurgeons to better understand their challenges in the operating room across the process of care,” said Cameron Piron, president. “These collaborations fuel our product development work and help us to design integrated solutions. Together, we’re pursuing innovations to solve the pervasive technical, clinical and research challenges in neurosurgical imaging to create wider options and better outcomes for patients.”


About Synaptive Medical | Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical device company, has a talented team of scientists, engineers and locally-based customer care specialists specifically committed to developing and supporting surgical technologies and therapies. Their BrightMatter™ Solutions provide advanced tools and information that allow surgeons to focus on patient outcomes. From advanced visualization and guidance to their first hands-free surgical scope, Synaptive Medical collaborates with surgeons, hospitals and industry partners to evolve the standard of care for surgical intervention.

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