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Vancouver General Hospital First in Canada to Acquire Synaptive Medical’s Technology

Vancouver General Hospital First in Canada to Acquire Synaptive Medical’s Technology

  • Vancouver General Hospital First in Canada to Acquire Synaptive Medical’s Technology

    Synaptive’s BrightMatter™ technology provides state-of-the-art innovation in informatics, imaging, planning, surgical navigation and advanced visualization

    Vancouver, BC (November 22, 2016) Every day, 27 Canadians receive a brain tumour diagnosis. With over 120 different types, finding the best treatment can be an overwhelming, frightening process for patients and their families. Physicians must carefully consider whether surgical intervention is the best course of action since a tumour’s location may have profound impact upon the patient’s quality of life after surgery.

    With these challenges in mind, Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical device and technology company, is proud to announce that Vancouver General Hospital is the first Canadian hospital to install its innovative BrightMatter™ technology, which integrates imaging, surgical planning, and robotic visualization.

    “Some tumours are inoperable because of their location in the brain and their impact on motor, language and other key functions,” said Dr. Brian Toyota, head of Neurosurgery for Vancouver General Hospital. “With BrightMatter’s planning and advanced visualization capabilities, we hope to provide additional treatment options to patients to improve their quality of life and longevity.”

    BrightMatter provides physicians with the latest integrated advancements in visualization for planning complex brain surgery. Using an imaging method called diffusion tensor imaging, or DTI, BrightMatter helps visualize MRI images of the entire brain’s pathways, allowing physicians to consider approaches for navigating around critical structures in neurological surgery. Synaptive’s integrated imaging and navigation systems allow physicians to see relevant details in the clinical image that can’t be seen with either the naked eye or a standard MRI. Such details are updated in real time as the surgeon moves their tools. This additional information may allow access to brain locations previously deemed inoperable.

    Disruption to certain key brain regions can significantly impact a patient’s functioning and abilities, such as the ability to speak or walk. BrightMatter Plan generates a three-dimensional map of the patient’s brain, giving surgeons new visual capabilities when planning the route to a tumor to help them avoid these key regions. Previous to BrightMatter technology, dedicated technical specialists were often required to generate this type of map through a laborious, manual process that often did not consider the entire brain region.

    In addition, BrightMatter’s automatic positioning system with an integrated camera follows the physician’s tools, showing an image of the patient’s anatomy with unprecedented detail. This robotic system allows for hands-free optical visualization that results in better surgical ergonomics, facilitates collaboration with operating room staff, and consumes less surgical time without the need to manipulate cumbersome optics.

    “As a Canadian company proudly headquartered in Toronto, having our first Canadian clinical partner is a huge milestone for Synaptive,” said Cameron Piron, co-founder and president. “Canadian surgeons and researchers have played an integral part in our product development, but Vancouver General Hospital will be the first location where BrightMatter technology is available to Canadian patients. We look forward to deepening our existing collaborations with Dr. Toyota and his team.”

    About Synaptive Medical | Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical device and technology company, made up of a talented team of scientists, engineers and locally-based customer care specialists and business experts. In collaboration with leading clinicians and healthcare systems, Synaptive is revolutionizing products and services that cross traditional barriers to enable continuous improvement in care delivery, in and beyond the operating room. Their integrated BrightMatter™ solutions, including surgical planning, navigation and visualization, and informatics platform, are designed to give clinicians the information they need to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.


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