Why the rise of the robots is good for business in Canada

Toronto-based Synaptive Medical is another Southern Ontario company using leading-edge robotics technology, in this case applied to a suite of neurosurgical tools. The company uses an automated arm with state-of-the-art optics that follow a surgeon’s hands as he operates.

The robotic arm projects the best possible view of a patient’s brain onto a large monitor so everyone attending sees the same image. This is in contrast to the traditional microscope which has a surgeon looking through oculars into the surgical cavity, often straining his or her posture.

“We have been able to develop such an exciting system due to the exceptional engineering and physics talent we have in Ontario,” says Cameron Piron, president and founder of Toronto-based Synaptive Medical. “The solution has evolved from the creative problem solving ability of our employees, partner companies and collaborations with clinicians.”

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